Sneaky Divorce Tactics: Don’t be a Victim of These

You are probably here because you are divorcing and your partner seems to be employing sneaky divorce tactics to gain undue advantages during the process. To file for divorce and seek to end your marriage with your spouse is a huge, personal decision. It will have an impact on yourself as well as your family. It’s straightforward to see the positive sides of ending a legal marriage relationship that you no longer want to be in.

However, it’s also essential to keep in mind the negative consequences of your decision. At times, if the marriage is already strained, your spouse will not cooperate with the whole divorce process. It’s not like they don’t want to split up, but the tension may be so high that they just want to act out or get back at you by dragging their feet when it comes to the divorce process.

It is not unusual for a soon-to-be former spouse to hire a lawyer who would support a power play against you, to gain the most vantage. This situation not only complicates the whole divorce process, but also adds an unnecessary layer of negative emotion, tension, and flat-out hostility.

The best way to not fall victim to these sneaky divorce tactics is to be aware of them. Recognize the tell-tale signs that a power play is happening and prepare yourself accordingly. By seeing what the other side is up to, you can set up your options in such a way that you will be able to protect your rights and even come out on top. If you feel confused, helpless or it gets out of hand, you may consult a divorce attorney.

Dirty Divorce Tactics

Emotional Divorce Tactics can leave you confused and frustrated

Delaying tactics

One of the most common sneaky divorce tactics is to delay the process simply. As you probably already know, divorce can be an emotionally and financially draining situation. The idea is to get through the process as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

When the other side resorts to filing requests for documentary support for every single claim you make or they repeatedly reschedule hearings for a wide variety of reasons, you have reason to suspect that they are engaged in sneaky delay tactics.

Be on the lookout for situations where they keep filing multiple motions. In many cases, the reason why they are filing such actions, which your side must answer, is not so much to get the upper hand. In fact, in many cases, many of these motions are easily defeated.

The problem is, for every single motion that they file in court, your side has to respond and, of course, this jacks up your legal costs. The idea here is to increase your cost so much that you will be forced to settle.

On top of all of this, the other side also refuses to keep communication lines open. This problem makes arranging meetings very difficult, which then leads to further delays in the overall process.

Brutal spouses employ the following types of sneaky divorce tactics to frustrate their soon-to-be-ex and in most cases, get their way. Don’t fall for them.

Frustration Sneaky Divorce Tactics

These are dirty ways to frustrate the other party by latching onto loopholes in the law and human nature to gain an undue advantage on their partner. These include:

Spouse harassment during divorce proceedings

One common and unfortunate sneaky divorce tactic is for the soon-to-be former spouse to harass the filing spouse. The non-filing spouse may not be truthful about some assets. They hide assets that they bought with marital money that both of you worked for and then hid the asset from you.

The overall strategy is to put pressure on you to quickly settle the divorce so the other side can get away with the hidden asset. According to the law, this is illegal. So you have to make sure that you hire an excellent attorney who will lay a legal trap, in terms of paperwork, to make sure that your spouse will declare everything you both own.

If your spouse did not answer these forms truthfully, they may face serious legal consequences for perjury. This type of tactic is part of a narcissistic divorce strategy of a spouse who only thinks of himself or herself.

He or she cannot be bothered about the best interest of your children as well as resolving the marriage dissolution as quickly as possible.

Refusal to pay child support

Another common scheme is to refuse to pay child support or spousal support and wait until the very last moment, even if they have the money. The idea here is to make you feel desperate so you can settle the property distribution conflict.

Emotional Dirty Divorce Tactics

These tricks are used mostly by males to emotionally blackmail and weaken their female soon-to-be-ex. Sometimes the females even weep due to the emotional trauma. According to research, divorce dampens women’s self-esteem and divorced women reportedly undergo a very significant amount of strain. It is this strain that some men try to hop on.

False abuse tactics

Another particularly nasty sneaky divorce tactic is to falsely accuse you of abusing your children so he or she can gain custody of the kids. This move is significant to be on the lookout for because you might need to hire a forensic psychiatrist to help you make your case and prevent false accusations.

Suddenly seeking custody of the children

If you have a partner who is quite indifferent to your children and all of a sudden now wants sole and exclusive custody of the kids, it may not be because he or she has a newfound love for your children.

Instead, this is used to force you to settle. You can prepare for this by filing for joint custody from the beginning. This way, the other party has no excuse. Why would they want exclusive care unless, of course, they can prove that you are an abusive parent?

With that said, be ready for any situation where the other partner tries to move the children out of state. If they do try to do this, this will look bad for them and may cost them custody.

financial dirty Divorce Tactics

Financial Sneaky Divorce Tactics

This is perhaps the dirtiest sneaky divorce tactic. Its mainly used by the party that is stronger financially. The idea is to frustrate the other party into financial difficulty, leaving them with no other option than to opt for settlement. This settlement is usually not to the advantage of the financially weaker person.

Sneaky divorce money maneuvers and tricks

In any marriage, it’s usually one partner who will end up managing the family’s finances. Since, during happier times, both spouses trust each other, the one partner who is in charge of the money is rarely questioned.

This situation can be a severe problem when you are going through a divorce because the person handling the finances could easily cut off credit cards and max out the ones that you share. Not only does this cut you off from funds, but it also increases your legal liability for debts on paper that are answerable by both partners.

Hiding funds from spouse tactics

Another common tactic is when a spouse moves funds away from shared bank accounts and stores them in a private bank account only under his or her name. Be on the lookout for the cunning ploy of a spouse buying an expensive asset and racking up a lot of debt for the marriage.

They then either dispose of this asset or give it to a friend for safekeeping. Beware of such transactions because these are usually done to get an unfair upper hand during marital asset equitable distribution.

Canceling of utilities

Finally, the other party can also cancel your utilities. Although this is easy to fix, it is a sign of bad faith and harassment because it causes unnecessary stress.

Other tactics to be suspicious of

Other sneaky divorce tactics include filing bogus petitions, stripping your home of furniture and appliances, running away with precious family photos that you have no copies of, and even spying on you.


In order to have their way, either for good or for bad, divorcing partners sometimes employ various sneaky maneuvers to have their way. Here are time-tested sneaky divorce tactics they use:

  • Spouse harassment
  • Refusal to pay child support
  • False Abuse Tactics
  • Suddenly seeking custody of the children
  • Sneaky divorce money maneuvers and tricks
  • Hiding funds from spouse tactics
  • Canceling of utilities
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