Child Support Worksheet (What It Is and How to Fill Out)

This article gives all the information you need to know about child support worksheet, the uses and how to fill them out in child support cases or deliberations.

In situations requiring child support, most state law mandates that agencies such as the Family Court, the Child Support Enforcement Agency, and the Office of Child Support Hearings adhere to the worksheet standards unless there are unique circumstances.

Though some states use child support calculators, the worksheets are especially popular in states as Georgia, Kansas, Indiana, Tennessee, NM, Arizona and Washington.

What are Child Support Worsheets?

Child support and credit worksheets are excel form worksheets used by courts for calculating the basic child support obligation and credit of each parent. They make use of automated calculations to make the process of filling them out easier. They contain a list of tabs along the bottom of the page, one for each Worksheet. There are also tabs with instructions for filling out the worksheets.

The child support worksheet lists the presumed amount of child support due; however, if the parties reach an agreement on a specific amount, they can change the worksheet to reflect that figure. Any child support amount must finally be approved by the court, not the parents because it is for the child’s benefit.

Deciding Which Worksheet to Use for Different Custody Types

In most states, the Guidelines specify child support for each of the three possible types of custody: sole, joint, and split.

Worksheet A

Worksheet A is used when the non-custodial parent has the child for fewer than 123 overnights every year. It is where sole custody calculations are made.

Worksheet B

The Worksheet B is used when a parent has primary physical custody of one or more of the children and the parents share custody of another child. It is also used when a parent shares custody of all the children for whom support is being established.

Worksheet C

Worksheet C is used to calculate child support in families with more than one child who have split custody, meaning they have at least one child who lives with one parent full-time and another child or children who live with the other parent.

How to Fill Out Child Support Worksheets

How to Fill Out Child Support WorksheetsYou must first ascertain the monthly gross incomes of both parties before creating a child support worksheet. The basic child support obligation is determined using the monthly gross income of both spouses as well as additional child expenses.

Gross income is the total of all earnings made by a party, including rental revenue, benefits, and so forth. The presumptive amount of child support is calculated using the parents’ combined incomes; however, based on the child’s needs and each parent’s financial capacity, this amount may be adjusted upward or downward and additional possible expenses for providing the child’s needs may be added to the worksheet.

Data That are Added in Worksheets

Work-related daycare, extraordinary schooling and/or medical costs, insurance premiums, and specific costs associated with raising children can all be added to the worksheet depending on the needs of the child.

Additionally, deviations may be used, and depending on the deviation, they may result in an increase or decrease in the child support obligation for one parent. There are several non-specific variances among them, such as low income deviation, high income deviation, parenting time divergence, and others.

Stages to Fill out Child Support Worksheets

Though different states have different worsheets, here are the basic stahes for filling out child support worlsheets:

  • Give some basic details.
    Insert personal information about you, your ex-spouse, your child, and your dispute, such as complete names and dates of birth.
  • Enter your monthly gross income.
    List your monthly gross income and that of the other parent of your child.
  • Determine all the costs associated with children.
    Such as medical care, education, and health insurance. You should also mention any daycare expenses that are relevant to your job in the application.
  • Add any deviations.
    any significant events that can have an impact on the required amount of child support. Not every deviation will be considered to be a significant factor in the change in the aggregate.
  • Fill out the Findings of Fact section if you’ve listed any deviations.
    Justify any requests for variations from the estimated amount and indicate if doing so will be in the child’s best interests and influence the custodial parent’s capacity to provide for the child’s basic requirements.

You can print your child support worksheet once all the sections have been completed accurately and all the calculations have been conducted.


Child support is essential for divorced parents to provide financial upkeep for their children. An example os here. Due to the complexities of calculating it, child support worksheets are used to remove the guess work so parents clearly have an idea of their obligations.

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