Georgia Basic Child Support Obligation Table (BCSO)

For your reference, we’ve provided the Georgia Basic Child Support Obligation table. The table on the left displays the combined adjusted gross income of both parents as well as the total amount of child support that both parents must pay based on the number of children.

Up to a joint income of $20,000, we have included a reduced version of the BCSO chart below, in increments of $500.

The two tables are below. Table 1 shows a range of combined income from $800 to $10,000. For combined income between $10,000 and $20,000, see Table 2. Both have $500 income escalations.

Georgia Basic Child Support Obligation Table (BCSO)

Here is the complete and up-to-date Georgia Basic Child Support Obligation Table (BCSO)



This table makes is easy to calculate the child support obligations as stipulated in the state of Georgia. You can read more about Georgia child support guidelines here, as provided by the Georgia Child Support Commission’s website.

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