Illinois Child Support Obligation Worksheet For Calculation

A look at the Illinois child support obligation worksheet below, and you’ll discover that Illinois considers a wide range of variables for determining child support. Although precise computation is a time-consuming process, our calculator handles everything for you. Simply enter the amounts, and the calculator will estimate your child support obligations.

illinois child support obligation worksheet

The worksheet and tables of the Illinois Child Support Guidelines-Income Shares can be used to calculate child support with better accuracy, though the Illinois Child Support Estimator can be used to estimate the amount of child support that would be applicable in your circumstance.

While using the Illinois child support obligation worksheet with the Illinois income shares calculator the result may not accurately reflect your child support obligations because judges have the authority to make changes as they see fit. The worksheet is derived from the official website of the state of Illinois.

For a better understanding, refer to our in-depth article on IL child support guidelines here.

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