How to Find Adoptive Parents For my Baby

Finding the perfect adoptive parents for your baby could be a tough ask. As somebody who is giving up their baby for adoption, it’s understandable to feel unsettled about your decision. There is something about the sacrifice that you are making that can be quite overwhelming.

If you’re thinking of placing your baby for adoption, you did not come to this conclusion without much consideration. You had a lot of time to think it over, and it probably weighs down on you. You might even feel that you are torn in many different directions. Birth parents who go through this big decision need assurance that they are doing the right thing.

According to statistical estimates, approximately 5 million Americans alive today are adoptees, 2-4 percent of all families have adopted, and 2.5 percent of all children under 18 are adopted. Adoptive families are more racially diverse, better educated, and more affluent than families in general. So making the choice isn’t going to be easy. Well, depending on how you go about it!


Understand the Adoption Process

The first thing that you need to focus on is to understand how the adoption process goes and what is involved. When you give up your child for adoption, it’s not just a simple matter of searching for another family to take care of your child’s physical, emotional, and financial needs until your child becomes an adult.

Under the law, there is a transparent, well-defined process in which adoptive parents gain rights over a child. This fact is a crucial statement. At this point, you may be thinking that you just want what is best for your baby.

However, if you’re unsure of where the baby’s rights begin and where your end is, be wary of making the wrong decision since you’re unclear about what is involved in the adoption process.

Please understand that you are giving up most of your legal rights to the child when you put up your child for adoption. Not only are you giving up custody, but you are also letting go of all your rights to make decisions for your child. This point is essential to understand.

Depending on the kind of adoption you are looking for, it can be a total relinquishment of rights. It means you have no contact with your baby at all. Unless your child asks for it and you give informed consent when they turn 18, your child can then have the option to reconnect with you. However, for the time being, if there is no such agreement between the birth parents and the adoptive family, all contact is cut off.

How to Find Adoptive Damily For my Baby

Raw mother’s love means you need the best adoptive parents for your baby

It’s all about finding the right Adoptive Parents

The core of the adoption process is to safeguard the best interest of your child. Central to this is to ensure that your child goes to the right adoptive parents.

That is where you get into contact with an adoption agency. The agency will have a state-regulated process for matching your baby with different types of prospective adopters.

Some are single women in their 40s looking to adopt. Others could be established couples that couldn’t have children. Even others are fairly average families looking to take a child because most of their children have grown up and moved out of the house.


How does the process work from the perspective of the Adoptive Parents?

Most adoption resources focus on the requirements placed on the adoptive family. It is not surprising because the goal of the overall adoption process is to find the perfect match that will ensure the child’s best interest. The government will safeguard the placement of the child to guarantee that it will be in an environment where he/she will thrive, flourish, and grow up to be a useful member of society.

But how about the birth parent? What part does she play in the entire process? The role that the birth parent plays in the process involves consent. As soon as a match is made, she will have to permit the adoptive parents to adopt her child.

Most states require adoption agencies to present to the birth parent the different profiles of the adoptive parents. There’s no direct contact between the two parties. That’s the whole point of going through an intermediary like an adoption agency.

Usually, the birth mother has final say as to which profile she would go with and whether the child’s placement will be with that family. She has the last word.

It addresses the overall anxiety many people putting up their child for adoption are no doubt experiencing. They want some assurance that their child will end up in a home that can provide the kind of love, support, financial, and material resources that they couldn’t give themselves.

Depending on the type of adoption, birth parents can get to meet face-to-face with prospective adoptive parents. It gives them a chance to talk to the people looking to adopt their baby, so they can get a better understanding of what kind of people they are and whether they can create the type of home that she desires for her child.

As a birth parent, you must strategically pick the right Adoptive Family

How do you know which home would be the “right” one for your child? Homes vary quite a bit depending on the background of the people involved. The best thing to do is to sit down and think about the kind of family you would want for your child.

The adoption agency will then work with you and give you pre-screened prospective adoptive parents based on your parameters. You have to look through the different profiles of these potential families to ensure that these adoptive parents can deliver on the kind of home you would like for your child to live in.

You will get introduced to the family, get a description of their home, the neighborhood they live in, or whether they have extended family. You will also get access to pictures of the adoptive families and their family members. Some agencies even go so far as to provide videos to get a fuller appreciation of who they truly are.


Be careful about the adoptive parents you select

Most adoption agencies give you enough information so you can make a truly informed decision. What’s important here is that you take your time to go through these adoptive parents’ profiles to make the right choice.

Try to picture your baby growing up with them and see how you feel about the kind of environment your child will be in. When you are ready, you can then choose to meet them personally and develop a relationship. It usually happens in an open adoption format.

Many birth parents don’t want the emotional attachment, so they’d rather keep the contact to a minimum. It means that they just look through the profile information, and, at best, they may be open to a phone call with the prospective adoptive family. They don’t go so far as to require a face-to-face meeting.

Regardless, you should look at the information and see if you can get a good feel as to the kind of people you are placing your child with.

finding an adoptive family for your baby

Look into Adoption Agencies

If you are thinking of putting up your child for adoption, it’s significant to go the extra mile in researching the adoption agency in charge of the placement.

You have to trust that the adoption process involves a rigorous evaluation of adoptive parents. Remember that the adoption agencies are your eyes and ears. They’re providing their services so you don’t have to do the legwork in getting information from a wide range of people looking to adopt and sizing them up to see what kind of home they would be able to provide your child.

You are entrusting this third-party adoption agency to have a transparent system that is duly authorized and licensed by your state to put in place primary safeguards and ensure safe and secure adoptions.

Whom do I call about Adoptive parents?

While there are many adoption agencies everywhere, knowing where to start and which to call could be daunting. From wanting perfect adoptive parents to privacy and other things in between, you always need someone who is experienced that you can trust.

We usually advise our readers to start by asking close confidants. Where there is none or you will rather go it alone, we recommend you start by placing a call to an adoption assistant.


Start by Calling an Adoption Assistant

Adoption assistants are services you can call, explain your adoption-related issues to them, and they give you advice based on your peculiar needs. Be it Open or Closed adoption, they will guide you with your personalized adoption plan.

We keep a database of a kind, caring and compassionate adoption assistant services and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Helped hundreds of birth mothers across the United States to successfully place a child for adoption.

They have helped countless birthmothers walk through the process of giving out their children for adoption and guide them along the way.

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