Divorce attorney for men: How can they help?

People may ask, Divorce attorney for men? Historically, divorce is inherently stacked against men. If you need proof of this, just consider the “Tender Years Doctrine” in England which says that women are better equipped to take care of the children. Accordingly, they should have, by default, custody of children in the case of separation.

This position is a rebuttable presumption, but the law essentially presumes that should you split up with your spouse, the children, by default, will go to the mother unless the other side can make a good showing that the mother is unfit.

This bias has been going on for a long time. It’s a long-standing doctrine and also quite influential. Even in the United States, the court will most likely grant custody to the wife, who will then receive spousal support as well as child support.

Historical divorce bias on the side of women

The former wife also gets to keep the home that she owned together with her now-former husband. The husband is ordered by the court to continue to provide support to his family until the kids reach the age of 18.

On top of this, the court may put limitations on the father’s visitation rights. This fact has been the deeply held posture of the court system when it comes to men’s rights during divorce. Things did not change all that much come the 1960s when no-fault divorces began and proliferated. The bias in favor of wives remained.

In fact, in the 1980s, women file 70% of divorces. We can’t help but think that they’re doing this because they know the system is in their favor. They know they will gain custody and support by filing for divorce.

In light of the law’s inherent bias towards women, it may help to hire a divorce attorney for men who will fight for the father’s rights. In other words, this is not just a regular divorce specialist. This lawyer is a person who knows the bias of the legal system and has come up with strategies and negotiation tactics that will try to correct this.

When should you consider looking for a divorce attorney for men?

If you are not clear about spousal and child support, a lawyer specializing in men’s divorce rights will be able to give you clarity since they advocate from the perspective of the father. They are also providers of their families, and they know the ins and outs of divorce proceedings.

If you have worries about providing for essentially two residences, mortgages, as well as your children’s education, a specialist divorce attorney for men will also be able to guide you towards the smartest financial decisions.

The key here is to come up with financial strategies, so you don’t end up paying double. Divorce issues such as property distribution, child custody, and support, plus spousal support are matters that you can discuss with a lawyer who specializes in men’s rights.

At least you know that they have your interest in mind. Lastly, if you’re concerned about how much you will be able to see your kids, your lawyer can help you emphasize the need of your children to see both parents equally. This can be done through negotiation or where this is not obtainable, during the court proceedings.

divorce lawyers for men

What are the advantages of hiring a Divorce Lawyer for Men?

The divorce settlement will always seek out the best interest of the children. The whole idea of divorce is to ensure that the children are taken care of even though the marriage of their parents has collapsed irreparably.

A divorce lawyer for men can help bring focus to the capacity of the fathers to provide for the children in their custody. In other words, as much as possible, a divorce attorney for men will try to get the father to gain custody or at least get more rights as far as visitation goes than what he would generally get otherwise.

If you can promote how you have extended family to support you, who live close to you, then it will not be an issue for your children to be with a father who may not be able to “nurture” his kids the way a mother can.

If a mother gains custody, your divorce attorney will push for the best arrangement to visit or spend time with your children and not merely just provide child support. Hiring a lawyer of the same gender will also help you get somebody who understands you better.

They can also see what your goals are and provide a comfortable environment for you as they fight for your rights in court.


How to find a divorce lawyer for men

Experience they say is the best teacher. We usually advise men to start their search for a special divorce attorney for men by asking people. Friends, relatives, co-workers, and all. Find out from those who have gone through it.

But if you can not find someone to ask for a recommendation or your case is urgent and you need it like yesterday, check our website. We maintain a list of special divorce lawyers for men, which we update regularly, based on reports from readers like you.


Local lawyers are better

Again, we stress the need to seek for lawyers that practice in your local area – city and state. First, they know the local laws that are specific to your area. They also know the judges and their biases and in many cases, they know how to work their way through bottlenecks and obstacles.

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